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An advisory team connecting , communicating and protecting life science assets


What We Do

BT Novo supports life science and medical device companies in their IP management, communications and profile raising activities.

We choose to form long-term relationships with quality organisations, working in tandem with the Board and Executive team.

Our model helps you manage your interactions with patent attorneys, investors, media and potential partners, by drawing upon our cross-border industry network and knowledge.

Areas Of Expertise

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IP Organisation
The IP service landscape is changing rapidly, with new service providers utilising the computing and internet revolution to full effect. We can assist if your IP portfolio is becoming overwhelming, too expensive, inefficient or all of these issues combined.

We can help you identify, create, manage and strategise your IP. This may be via the valuable relationship with your existing patent attorney or in combination with the latest, efficient IP service providers. We work in-house and become the contact point and voice of IP in your organisation. The typical challenge is managing the constant liaison between inventors, management and attorneys, on complex and confidential issues.

We have been performing these services for a while and realise that trust and reliability are paramount.

Communicating your Story

The ability to tell your story effectively is paramount in gaining traction in a rapidly moving and competitive market. Companies that are able to build their profile and successfully harness industry and investor support see clear benefits to their brand.
Our approach is to work closely with management to tie your business strategy with a communication and investor program. We help communicate your story by crafting messages that are relevant, timely and credible to your target audience.
Importantly, we aim to integrate your media, investor and communication programs to ensure the best return on investment, long-term legitimacy and ongoing support of key opinion leaders.

Behind BT Novo

We’ve built over 20 years industry experience working with business, legal, government, media and industry and research organisations.


With more than 17 years experience tackling life science’s hardest issues, Paris has the networks, strategic background and nous to create solid commercial outcomes. After starting the first dedicated biotech magazine and communication advisory group in Australia, she has continued to work in policy, investor relations and management across the many facets of life science. With previous roles at ABC Radio, SDA Biotech, AusBiotech and in start-up and listed life science companies, Paris has worked with several types of business and market models to deliver long-term credibility, awareness and results. Her approach is to influence and shape perceptions through creative, honest, strategic communications and key opinion leader/investor networks.


Ashley is one of the few Registered patent attorneys that has spent the vast majority of his career working in small, high-tech companies, rather than in a traditional legal firm. For more than 15 years he has managed external attorney’s and other legal providers on behalf of these companies. Each company has found it far easier to manage their IP by using a person that understands their technology intimately, whilst also able to directly communicate how it is analysed and protected.

Without the constraints and mind-set of a large firm, Ashley offers independent advice and experience built from working for multiple organisations, using multiple providers. This interconnectivity and freedom means you will receive candid advice on the latest alternatives in IP development.

Apart from nearly 20 years of experience, Ashley is a Registered Australian Patent and Trademark Attorney, has an Honours Degree in Biotechnology, a Post-Graduate Diploma in IP law and a second Diploma in Scientific Communication, from the Universities of Adelaide, Melbourne and the ANU respectively. He has further travelled throughout the UK and USA studying technology transfer under a Chevening scholarship.

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